elevate your mindfulness. nutrition. fitness. relaxation and sleep

The Five Pillars of Wellness

  • mindfulness

    Our team is here to help you practice mindfulness every day, allowing you to move past pain, stress, and anxiety and discover newfound peace and happiness. From the expansive oceanfront views to the lush meditation gardens, the soothing tranquility pools to the inspirational living art, life at Amrit naturally restores the balance of body & mind.

  • nutrition

    Nutrition is a cornerstone of Amrit’s wellness philosophy. Here, you’ll find four on-site restaurants offering healthy farm-to-table food. When you want guidance, our renowned health professionals will help you select a nutritional program that is right for you.

  • fitness

    Looking beautiful, fit and transcending perceptions of age are not miracles that come from a bottle or jar. They are the result of something much simpler—yoga, meditation and exercise as a path to health, nurturing the body from the inside out.

  • relaxation

    Amidst dancing fire bowls and overflowing water features, you’ve entered a new world where relaxation is a way of life. Enjoy our Master Aromatherapist’s bespoke creations, our captivating water wall, and our rejuvenating spa treatments. Outside, our seven acres of oceanfront beckon, to further quiet the mind and satisfy the soul.

  • sleep

    Quality sleep isn’t a luxury—it’s an underrated necessity. Countless studies affirm the positive effects of sleep on your health. That’s why Amrit has Sleep Specialists to customize your sleep environment. Drifting off to sleep has never felt this peaceful.

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