The ‘Elixir of Life’ in Palm Beach

USA: Due to complete in 2019. Amrit Ocean Resort’s & Residences is developing 185 specially-designed wellness apartments for purchase, as well as 155 for spa visitor staying for three, four or seven nights.

Amrit, which is Sanskrit for ‘elixir of life’, promises to offer each resident and guest the inspiration, guidance, and means to embark physical and mental wellbeing.

Conceived by US investment and Development Company Creative Choice Group, founder of Dilip Founder says: “There is nothing like this in the US.”

At the heart of the Atlantic Ocean-front property in Palm Beach, Florida, is a 9.290sqm spa. Wellness and hydrotherapy facility, partnered by ESPA and the Himalayan Institute, an authority on holistic health.

“We are combining the inner science of the east with the modern comfort and technology of the west to provide the tools and support system for the optimum peace and happiness that people are looking for.” Adds Barot.

“We are Focusing on Nutrition, Fitness, mindfulness, sleep, relaxation – the five pillars of wellness- to offer a 360-degree view of what your body needs, providing guests with the resources, tools, and experts to tell them how to how to achieve that.”

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