Women in Real Estate: Highlighting Advice From Powerful Leadership

Although the gender gap for real estate leadership roles remains relatively wide, there are numerous individuals making significant progress toward bridging that gap. Here, three women leaders of the residential real estate industry share their strategies for success, and insights on how women seeking to advance their business can reach new heights.

Shama Barot
Chief Strategist
Creative Choice Group

Barot works with the design and engineering teams, as well as the creative studios and marketing and strategy teams, at Creative Choice Group, to ensure the company stays true to its core. As chief strategist, Barot helps create dynamic spaces that connect people to a lifestyle of health and well-being at Amrit Ocean, an oceanfront condominium in Florida.

What is the significance of women holding a leadership role in residential real estate?

Shama Barot: I am extremely grateful to have been provided the opportunities to excel as a woman in an industry in which most executive-level and leadership positions are held by men…When women are leaders, they create a roadmap for other women behind them. I think it’s important to uplift and celebrate other women, especially in a male-dominated industry.

What motivates you to grow your business and keep striving for those next-level accomplishments?

By creating personalized wellness journeys that empower people to cultivate healthy habits and ultimately enhance their peace and happiness, we are enabling them to live their best lives. Waking up every day knowing that what we are creating goes beyond real estate is my biggest motivator to grow Amrit and keep striving for those next-level accomplishments.

Source: www.rismedia.com

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