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How Can Restorative Yoga Help You Replenish and Reset Your Body and Mind?

If you're longing for a deep relaxation that cultivates your mind-body awareness, restorative yoga is a great place to begin. Unlike vinyasa yoga, hot yoga or power yoga, restorative yoga is gentler and is meant to slow your body down and create a state of relaxation. It's a deeply calming practice that involves holding poses [...]

Experience the 11 Dimensions of Wellness at Amrit

When people think of wellness, they automatically think of good physical health. However, wellness is about much more than eating right and exercising regularly. Wellness is a holistic approach to health that involves strengthening the mind, body, and spirit. Throughout this pandemic, more and more individuals are realizing that wellness is much deeper than what [...]

Amrit Ocean – Helping you Naturally Improve Health and Longevity

There is an increasing awareness among people of all ages and backgrounds, regarding mind-body wellness and the transformation it brings to one's life. Healthy habits make a huge difference in increasing longevity and keeping aging people looking and feeling young. When it comes to being healthy, most people are motivated to live and enjoy a [...]

How can exercise, diet, and rest boost health and wellness?

Regular exercise, a healthy diet and getting adequate rest, are the three main components pivotal in determining a person's overall health and wellness. How we take care of our bodies may affect our performance, whether at work, home or school. Neglecting exercise or being sleep deprived can lead to negative habits that impact our overall [...]

Plant-Based Holiday Recipes courtesy of Chef Matthew Kenney

The holiday season can be notoriously challenging for those of us looking to eat healthier, but it doesn’t need to be. Create new traditions by swapping out those infamously fattening classics for re-imagined, health conscious alternatives that are sure to steal the show. Check out these three festive plant-based dishes from Chef Matthew Kenney of [...]

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